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Do you work with apparel entrepreneurs and want to enhance your services while earning automated income? Join our Indie Source Partnership network and become an affiliate!
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- We will build you a custom landing page for your website so that you can collect referrals from your audience and connect them directly with Indie Source (hands-off for you!)

- Want to add a more personal touch? You can also introduce your clients directly to our team through an email detailing their needs and vision

- Every one of your referrals that becomes an Indie Source Development client earns you $500. It’s that simple!

Dedicated Service for your clients
Indie Source will enhance the value you bring to your fashion entrepreneurs by strengthening their resources and ability to succeed with their line.
Automating Earnings
The custom landing page we create for you to direct referrals to will earn you residual income and ensure you are strengthening your service offerings to your clients by connecting them with the most valuable resources in the industry
Insider Access
Ready to expand your audience and knowledge? We are always eager to feature our Indie Partners on our social media platforms to share your expertise in a collaborative way that supports our apparel entrepreneurs

Check out the full interview with our CEO Zack Hurley to get all the answers you need!

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